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Since 1965

Experience you can trust.


Knowing the law, the court rules and procedures is essential,
but what is more fundamental is knowing people.


Over the years I have represented thousands of wonderful clients in some of the most stressful situations imaginable for them. For example: the battle over control by two partners in a thriving business; the break up of a marriage to the distress of the teenage children; having to place a loved one in a nursing home and the contesting of a will of a parent who would be devastated to see her children fighting.


Then there were those joyous times when I served as a, sort of “Legal Mid-wife” to legally link a newly adopted baby to his adoring parents forever. Or the times when I helped two life committed octogenarians wanting to make certain that their legal affairs were in order for each other’s peace of mind.


I so very much appreciate these magnificent clients for entrusting a part of their lives to my care. I received far more from them than they from me.


You can read my story of how and why I became an attorney under "My promise to you" above.


~ Shelburne Ferguson, Jr.


"You can observe a lot just by watching."


~ Yogi Berra