Above and Beyond the Bottom Line

To dramatically increase your bottom line—focus on the upper lines.


Above & Beyond the Bottom Line by Shelburne Ferguson, Jr.

Look up!

"The way many business people think about the bottom line is like saying: "It’s all about resting in heaven. Forget what it takes to get there." Whatever reaches the bottom line of your business relates directly to what you do with all the lines above it. I’m not suggesting that you ignore what trickles down to the bottom. What I have pitched to you in Above and Beyond the Bottom Line is to look up! Every action you take on the upper lines is where your focus must be. Get it right above the line and the bottom line will take care of itself." 

—Shelburne Ferguson, Jr.


This collection of Shelburne Ferguson’s most-requested and most-respected articles from his weekly business column in the Kingsport Times News will help you focus on all the lines of your business.


Chapters include:

  • Step Up to the Line. By far the hardest task to complete is the one that was never started.
  • Hook, Line and Sinker. Everything we do is marketing, everything!
  • Lines of Communication. There’s no communication until someone “hears” and “responds.”
  • Toeing the Line. You don’t really know what is going on in your business unless you can describe it in 25 words or less.

More than 280 pages of wisdom and practicality from Kingsport’s own business guru, Shelburne Ferguson, Jr.